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Tonight we are going to be discussing a location that is continuing to grow in reputation. Its history and lore is captivating and the new show on the History Channel is opening up new dialogues about the place in many paranormal and occult circles. From UFOs to poultergeists to extreme random spikes of magnetic fields and radiation, this place has it all. We will of course be talking about the one and only Skinwalker Ranch. Joining us tonight to not only discuss the ranch but the show on History is our dear friend of the show, paranormal investigator and paranormal blogger, from OC ghosts and Legends Anthony Holter. Also joining us is Earl Grey, the Chief Investigator and Assistant State Director of the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON in southern california. He is a member of the MUFON STAR Team, as well as a member of The Experiencer Research Team.

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