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(Explicit) Husband and wife team Zoe and Mike look into topics of the paranormal, folklore, cryptids, hauntings, UAP’s and aliens, conspiracies, and all manner of weird Forteana.
Join us as we take it in turns delivering topics, to each other, which we then discuss in our own irreverent manner - usually ending up talking about biscuits or something - and get in touch with your questions, comments and even with your own stories!

Episode 3 – Nikola Tesla

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Here’s a rundown of the episode:

00:27 – Hello!

00:52 – Nikola Tesla

01:52 – Early life

03:08 – Maladies and setbacks

04:23 – Engineering genius

05:37 – Flying saucer design

09:25 – Mark Twain runs to the loo

10:08 – Teleforce

11:22 – Even weirder stuff

16:05 – The Office of Alien Property

17:06 – Trump says no

19:02 – Missing materials

19:53 – Discussion

20:43 – Genius with a touch of Stark

22:21 – The Current War

25:18 – Fire from every orifice

26:36 – Surrounded by lightning

29:34 – Area 51 is the Tesla shed

31:44 – Are UFO’s a terrestrial conspiracy?

35:19 – Most Haunted is rubbish

37:13 – We have new reviews!

40:32 – Where you can find us online. (We forgot to mention the website, which is

41:31 – Next episode preview

43:18 – Reading the Da Vinci Code in a day

Runtime: 44:28

Books: (Affiliate links)

Wizard: The Life And Times Of Nikola Tesla: Biography Of A Genius by Marc Seifer

Tesla: Man Out Of Time by Margaret Cheney

My Inventions: The Autobiography Of Nikola Tesla

Films: (Affiliate link)

The Current War – Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, Tom Holland, Katherine Waterson and Nicholas Hoult as Nikola Tesla

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