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In this episode, Mike tells us about the odd shortwave radio stations that broadcast seemingly endlessly repeating, random numbers, spoken by odd, automated voices and we get to listen to some snippets from a couple of well known ones.

We also talk about how awesome Christopher Lee was, How Game of Thrones and Lost failed to deliver on their promise, and whether or not snakes have eyelids… Spoiler – theeeeyyyyyy… well, just listen in and find out.

Special guest appearance this episode: Our daughter!

This episode’s cover art Photo byRyan StefanonUnsplash

Here’s a rundown of the episode:

00:37 – Hello!

01:47 – Presented Piece: Numbers Stations

16:28 – Promo – Prairieland Paranormal

17:01 – Discussion

39:31 – Thanks & Where You Can Find Us

43:28 – Fun Fact: Snakes don’t have eyelids…

44:35 – Bye!

Total Runtime: 45:26



Our promo partner this week is the Prairieland Paranormal podcast, one of our partner shows on the Paranormality Network. Go check them out!

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