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In 1997, indie rock band Brainiac was at the top of the music world.  After recording a series of influential albums and grinding out tours that earned them a diehard following of fans worldwide, tragedy struck.

They disbanded after the sudden death of lead singer Tim Taylor in a car accident on May 23, 1997.

The remaining members of the band struggled to make sense of losing not only their lifelong friend, but also a million dollar record deal.

My guest, Eric Mahoney, has created an incredible documentary film “Transmissions After Zero” that chronicles the rise, fall, and aftermath of Brainiac.

What happened to Brainiac was indeed tragic, but this isn’t just a story of tragedy.

It is a story of life, hard work, dedication, friendship, and love through the prism of 1990s indie rock and incredible creative energy.

Join me and filmmaker Eric Mahoney on this episode of Necronomicast.

“Transmissions After Zero” official website.

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