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The Necronomicast is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and I can’t think of a better guest to kick off this 10th year than Richard Estep, one of the world’s preeminent paranormal investigators!  You have seen him on the television programs “Paranormal 911”, “Haunted Casefiles”,  “Paranormal Nightshift”, and “Haunted Hospitals”.  He has written over 20 books dealing with the unexplained in our world.  But perhaps his most important work is with his full time profession as an emergency paramedic and clinical instructor in Longmont, Colorado.

We will discuss his careers with the living and the dead and you’ll get a remarkable insight with one of the leading and most interesting paranormal investigators working today.   

So sit back and relax, as I have a late night conversation with Richard Estep, here on the Necronomicast!


(Music credit:  “Binary Sunset” by John Williams, as recorded by Andrew Vogt.  Used with kind permission.)