Homespun Haints

Hosted ByBecky Kilimnik and Diana Doty

(Explicit) Ready for something truly scary? Listen to real stories of hauntings, ghosts, haints, and other paranormal occurrences, told by the very people who experienced them.

Dennis the Demon and the Meth Gators

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Have you ever played in a band with “that guy.” You know who I’m talking about. He’s nice enough, but he’s just a little different from the other bandmates. He writes songs about Satan and keeps asking when he can spit fake blood at the audience. And you’re like “dude, we’re a folk band, what gives?” But, you put up with him because he’s got a car and he’s a damn fine bassist.

I may be talking about someone that I used to play with, but our guest tonight—Tim—also had his own “that guy” in his band. And when Tim’s gear became possessed by a demon, he knew exactly who to blame. 

Let’s crank it up to 11 on our special Halloween episode.

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