Episode 17: Season 3 – Episode 17 – Season 3 Wrap

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First of all, I want to thank everyone who has played, downloaded, listened, recommended, binged, consumed, or mentioned the show! Without fans, no content is valuable. I spend countless hours and cash bringing the podcast to you wonderful weirdos and if no one cared, I’d have stopped a long time ago.

I thought it would be a fitting end to the season, to go back and pick a highlight from every episode and slap them together into one track. Little did I know how many highlights I considered important in each episode and how hard it would be to just pick one. BUT I did it.

There are a few announcements in the intro and you can expect a lot more from the show between now and “Hair-Raising Horror Week III: The Return of Hair-Raising Horror Week!” (I heard part IV is in space, idk…)

Anyway, thank you so much for making it through, not only the third season, but also the longest season of the show! You guys rock!

Peace and love,