Episode 17: Children of God Pt VI: Ricky Rodriguez: The Story of Davidito

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Ricky Rodriguez was deprived of a childhood, robbed of his innocence, and indoctrinated from birth into a cult that focused on “free love,” and encouraged adult-child sexual relationships. Crowned the cult’s “Messiah,” raised to be the future leader of the cult, sexually abused, and forced, from birth, to have continuous sex with multiple women, and young girls in the cult.

This is a story of sexual abuse, brainwashing, pain, and murder. This is the story of Ricky Rodriguez, the prophecized prince of the apocalypse.


In my research the date of the murder-suicide that Ricky committed was listed as January 2004, that is incorrect. The album he’s listening to in the background of his last video confession, Sum 41’s “Chuck,” was released in October 2005. This would place the murder-suicide in January 2005, not 2004.

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Jesus Freaks: A True Story of Murder and Madness on the Evangelical Edge by Don Lattin














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