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The Necronomicast tribute to the great ART BELL and the “Ghost To Ghost” tradition of his historic radio show continues with Part 2 of conversation with paranormal researcher and reporter, DARK WATERS.  

Dark has appeared on some of the biggest paranormal podcast and radio shows around the world including Coast to Coast AM, Beyond the Darkness Radio, Beyond the Edge Radio, Midnight in the Desert, and many more.   He joins us for two episodes to tell us REAL stories of Bigfoot, Dogman, demons, black eyed children, and the psychic vampires and ghosts of New Orleans.  So settle in for part two of our two part late night conversation with the king of YouTube horror, DARK WATERS!


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCvf4eUxzb8JdgnRPGi1lKA  (Dark Waters YouTube Channel)