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The Father of one of the most notorious slashers in film history is our special guest on this incredible episode of The Necronomicast!  We welcome DON MANCINI for a stroll down “Brian’s Dark Alley” as we have a late night conversation with one of the modern masters of the macabre!  

Don has enjoyed a long and successful career in Hollywood bringing all the Child’s Play and Chucky movies to life as a creator, writer, and director.  We also discuss his experiences in television, bringing the dark visions of “Tales From The Crypt”, “Hannibal”, and “Channel Zero” into our living rooms and nightmares!  

Don shares unique insight on how movies and television shows transform from words on a page to living, breathing, unrelenting live action terror.    Want insight into Hannibal Lector from an expert?  Curious about Freddy Krueger vs. Chucky?  Want a sneak peek at the upcoming “Cult of Chucky”? 

Stop what you are doing and consume this incredible episode of “The Necronomicast!”