Episode 149: Creepy Scary Stories Written by Spooky Boo Rhodes

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Fidget Spinner Addiction
Fidget spinners can be quite addicting and some will go through any lengths to curb their addiction.

–Author: Boo Rhodes
–Music: MYUU

Small Leather Gloves

For many years she worshiped her father as he brought her beautiful leather gifts, but it wasn’t later until she realized where her beautiful belongings came from.

–Author: Boo Rhodes
–Music: MYUU

I Shouldn’t Have Stared at the Eclipse
Staring at an eclipse can be dangerous and possibly even make you go blind, but what can possibly be hiding in the dark shadow of the moon when the sun isn’t shining?

–Author: Boo Rhodes
–Music: MYUU

The Real Estate Market is Murder
Be careful when hunting for houses for one might be haunted.

–Author: Boo Rhodes
–Music: www.purple-planet.com

Intro Music
–“The End is Near” by MYUU