Episode 147 – Interview with Paranormal Investigator Johnny Houser

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We once again venture down “Brian’s Dark Alley” on The Necronomicast for a late-night conversation with paranormal investigator and historian JOHNNY HOUSER.  We’ve all gotten to know Johnny from his television appearances on “Ghost Adventures”, “Paranormal Lockdown”, “Ghost Lab”, “American Ghost Hunter” and many others.  His supernatural expertise and extensive knowledge of the history of the Villisca Axe Murder House makes him the ideal guest to chat about all things paranormal.  Sprinkle in some Bigfoot, UFO’s, and a dash of the demonic, and you get the perfect midnight snack for your imagination. From the mysterious cornfields of the Midwest to your reality and the ethereal beyond…join Johnny Houser and Brian on this episode of THE NECRONOMICAST!