Hosted ByBrian J. Corey

Necronomicast covers the horror movies of Hollywood and the true events that inspire what we see in the darkened theater. With my late night conversations, I uncover the world of horror movies, the paranormal, (Explicit) cryptozoology, true crime, and beyond with filmmakers, actors, authors, and experts in the field.

The Necronomicast was launched in 2011 and is proudly produced in the haunted heartland of Omaha, Nebraska.

Episode 146 – Kong Skull Island, Kong History, and Kong Burgers!

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Stow away with The Necrocomicast Crew as we travel the high seas of adventure and make our way to Skull Island in search of the legendary KING KONG!

The great ape has entertained and thrilled the masses ever since his debut in 1933.  We navigate the sequels, the remakes, and the reboots that all lead us to 2017’s “Kong: Skull Island”.   

The cinematic approach and special effects have evolved and changed, but one thing is clear….KING KONG is the biggest and baddest monster to grace the silver screen.

In addition to another installment of “Making A Monster”, the crew will give our worldwide audience a taste of our hometown where KING KONG rules the restaurant world.  KING KONG lives and he is hungry on this episode of The Necronomicast!