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So every year Laurie’s Dad Charlie Hodges watches King Kong on his Birthday. We knew this and it came to us to stop on over the Sunday after his Birthday to bring some cake and talk Kong. We figured since we will be doing a group episode on the new Kong movie in March, a little prequel would be fun. 

This episode we spend a beautiful morning around the kitchen table, drinking coffee, having some cake (thanks 2 Birds Bakery) and talking to a man who knows King Kong. 

We learn interesting facts about how the script was written, how they pulled off some of the special effects (some never done before in film), and how the film changed the industry.

King Kong kicked off a love of science fiction, fantasy, and horror for a kid who got to watch the original Kong 3 times in one day on his Birthday, which started a longstanding tradition. Thanks Charlie Hodges for letting us bring you cake and enjoy a little small town Kong-chat.