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In this episode, we sat down with Hassan Ali from The Nerd Alternative to discuss the Ahool. The Ahool is a winged cryptid thought to exist in Indonesia. It was first reported by Dr. Ernest Bartels in 1925 and it has been claimed that it lives in the deepest parts of the jungles of Java. Legend says the Ahool resembles a fanged flying primate, with dark leathery wings, and razor-sharp fangs and talons.

Is the massive ape-like flying creature the stuff of legends, or is it rooted in reality? Is the Ahool a distant cousin of the now-extinct gigantic blood-sucking Vampire bat, a relative of the extinct pterodactyl, or even more intimidating, is it the inspiration for ancient Mesoamerican mythology?

You can catch more from The Nerd Alternative here: https://linktr.ee/thenerdalternative

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