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Imagine, if you will, that you’re taking a nice, relaxing walk in the countryside one evening. Everything is great, and to top things off, you could swear that the postcard worthy view is complemented by an eerie whistled tune. Wait … what?

For our Season 2 Premiere, we decided to discuss the South American folk legend of El Silbon. This entity roams primarily around Venezuela and Colombia, and its story has quite a few variations. What is its origin? What is its purpose? Join us to find out all the details.

This time, the audience clamored Academic Segment deals with the subject of curses. As an added bonus, our host Chuy decided to give a mini music lesson to our audience and crank out his own sick jam to go along with the spirit of our topic! (No pun intended :P)

Thanks to all the listeners, and welcome to Season 2!

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