Episode 130: International Cryptozoology Conference 2017

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Hey, remember us?

SasWhat returns with a full recap of our trip to Portland, Maine, for the International Cryptozoology Conference. It’s like you were there with us, except you don’t have to do a punishing drive through New England on Labor Day weekend! (Actually, it wasn’t that bad. OK, parts of it were…oh never mind.)

The phrase “once in a lifetime” gets thrown around a lot, but it truly applies in this case. The ICC was everything we imagined it would be, except way better. We will always be grateful to Loren Coleman and Seth Breedlove for getting us to Portland for this fantastic event.

THE INVASION IS ALMOST HERE! “Invasion on Chestnut Ridge,” Small Town Monsters’ latest production, will be released this month! It was co-written and narrated by Mark. See it live and in person Saturday, October 21st at the Space Visitors Film Festival in San Francisco, CA and/or Creature Weekend at Salt Fork State Park, near Cambridge, OH. Then, on Saturday, October 28th, join us for a double-feature at Canton’s Palace Theatre at 6:30 p.m., where “Invasion” will be paired with “Mothman of Point Pleasant.” That’s about the most Halloween-ish thing you could possibly do that weekend, besides carving a jack-o-lantern while wearing a Bigfoot costume.

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