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It’s been a long time! We shouldn’t have left you without some SasWhat to step to. Sorry about that, but we were out of town, and since getting back, quite a bit of our free time has been devoted to post-production on Small Town Monsters’ “Invasion on Chestnut Ridge.” All of this is covered in the episode you’re about to listen to, plus news about being guests on the “Parent Pastor Podcast” with our pals Jonathan, Matt and Matt!

Then, it’s part three of our library presentation with Seth, where we answer questions about southern Bigfoot, for the most part. Again, thanks to everyone who showed up and to the Willoughby Hills Library for hosting us!

We are announcing our next SasWhat Meetup: Thursday, August 17th at Fisher’s Cafe and Pub, Peninsula, Ohio, beginning at 6:00 p.m. We’ll get together, eat, gab, and if the weather cooperates, go for a hike in CVNP!

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