Episode 121 – Brian’s Dark Alley – Omaha Cemetery Tour Special!

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In this special episode of the Necronomicast, we once again venture down “Brian’s Dark Alley” for an interview with an Omaha institution, Professor Howard Hamilton.  At 81 years young, he is the tour guide of the Omaha Halloween Cemetery Tour.  Even though you might reside in an area outside of Omaha, Nebraska, Professor Hamilton is an individual that will capture your imagination.  His exhaustive investigations of Omaha and its cemeteries provide unique insight into the dark history of the River City.  You’ll hear about his fascination with cemeteries that began as a youth who yearned to be a funeral director all the way through his post retirement career as Omaha’s congenial gentleman of the macabre.  Of course, we have to chat about axe murders too!  That’s what we do in the Midwest!