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(Explicit) An exploration and education in all things supernatural. Each season I'll take a deep dive into a paranormal topic, break it down to it's nuts and bolts, theories, explanations, experts and first hand accounts...all in search of proof. Whether the subject is life after death, cryptids, shadow people, ghosts or any other of the endless possible paranormal topics, I will be taking it apart. And putting it back together again in order to fully understand it. Whether you are a fascinated skeptic...whether you are a full fledged believer yearning to know more...if you are looking for an education in the paranormal...I'm your Paranorm Girl.

Episode 12 : Cornucopias, Fairies and Deodorizers, Oh My!

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We begin our deep dive into the countless Mandela Effects running rampant online and in the memories of so many worldwide. Today I cover Fruit of the Loom, Uncle Sam, a well known household deodorizer and a Disney intro that many believe existed at one time, but unfortunately…Big Cartoon has scrubbed the tapes.

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