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What is a cryptid? The easy answer is – some type of creature/being/entity that is said to exist, but has never been proven to exist. Bigfoot, Nessie, Normie, Thunderbirds, you get the idea. Cryptids do fall under the catagory of paranormal phenomena in the sense that we just don’t know WHAT they are, so here we are talking about cryptids in a Paranormal Ponderings episode. Josh and Tamara of The Hex-Files Podcast join me in this episode to talk about a Bigfoot investigation they went on fairly recently, we’ll discuss the cryptids of their home state of North Carolina and also do a rhetorical “Battle Royale” type of thing with Bigfoot Vs. Mothman, that kind of thing. Who would win? Listen and find out! Music of the episode provided by The Weakerthans with the song “Bigfoot” and The Marred with the song “A Hidden Presence”. So, press play and let’s go look for Bigfoot!

The Weakerthans appear courtesy of Epitaph Records