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Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the Miserable Failure / Bobcast music episode! Michael X. Crusty Esq. the Third joins me in this episode to play some songs and talk about them. Here’s a track listing, hosers –

1. The Fullblast – All I Need Is A Jetpack And Rollerskates

2. Raging Nathans – Wide Awake

3. Lutharo – Blood Lightning

4. Demons – Play Acting Virtue

5. GLTY – It Must Be Nice

6. Ship Thieves – Hercules Stomp

7. Ghoulunatics – Alone With The Seasons

8. Iron Chic – Catgut

9. Organ Thieves – Workers

10. Hidden Spots – Zero

Pretty sweet, eh? Brought to you by Thirty One Ten Printing.