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In the year 1735, Pine Barrens resident Jane Leeds became so exasperated upon discovering that she was pregnant with her 13th child that she cursed the unborn child in her womb. According to legend, Satan made good on that curse and Mother Leeds gave birth to a horrific creature with a goat’s head, bat wings, hooves and a forked tail. The creature whipped everyone in the room with its tail before disappearing up the chimney. Soon nicknamed the Jersey Devil, this creature has terrorized the residents of Southern New Jersey for almost 300 years. Tonight, on the Extramundane, we have The Jersey Devil. Max talks with him about how to properly heat a hot pocket, being in a thruple with Mark Zuckerberg, his hobby writing slash fiction, and his literal man cave.
The Jersey Devil – Chris Calogero
Max Ward – Dan Kozuh
Voiceover Guy – Erin Kahoa
Producer: Andrew Alonso, Champlify Media
Music: M.NOMIZED – The Model