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Episode 107 – The Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Episode

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Have you read any of the “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” series of books? As a kid? As an adult? Both? . These books, the Scary Stories series, made a HUGE impression on me when I read them a couple of years ago, as an adult. The artwork is terrifying and amazing. The stories are timeless and creepy, sometimes funny, sometimes disgusting. Always entertaining and fun, that’s the trick of these stories. They grab you and won’t let go. Just like some of the baddies in the stories? Oh, but the art, that’s the REAL kicker, isn’t it? The art in the Scary Stories books worms it’s way into your brain and takes up permanent residence. The original art by Stephen Gammell, that is. Sinister and creepy to the point you feel the art could jump out of the pages and say “YOU HAVE IT!!!”. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode – An in-depth look at Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell. Three stories, one from each book, are dissected and analized. There’s a dramatic retelling of “The Hook”, as it was told to me, when I was a kid in the 1980’s. Then, in the final chapter of the episode, a brief look at the controversy that has plagued this book series for years and years. The Celluloid Catacombs with Carolyn Mauricette pops in to talk about the “Scary Stories…” movie adaption and some fiends of The Bobcast stop by to tell us how the Scary Stories have affected them over the years. Music of the episode by Vudu Sister, who are amazing and will delight you with their spooky sounds.