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Sharon is the adopted daughter of Rose and Christopher. One night, she sleepwalks out of her home, and Rose catches up to her just before she falls into an abyss. The terrified young girl kept screaming something into the night.

“Silent Hill! … Silent Hill! …”

Rose figures out that Silent Hill is an abandoned town, and she decides that the best course of action is to take Sharon there to understand why it is that the child is so obsessed with it. She was unaware, however, that the town had a dark history, and that her young daughter is only trying to go back home …

Join us as we discuss this videogame adaptation! While talking about the plot, we also talk about things that the movie scenes reminded us of. From the creepiness of the town and its inhabitants (both human and not), to comparisons to some of the game counterparts, this one is a banger of an episode!

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