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Back due to popular demand, the “UFO Stories” series of episodes continues with Part Two in the series. This one has five stories about strange activity in the sky – from fireballs to stargates to flying pyramids. This episode has it all is what I’m trying to say. Well, not abductions or “Men In Black”, but UFOs abound. Jen of the “Later, Dicks!” sticker empire, Pleasant Gehman of literally everything cool ever, Jonny Cuz of Se Vende, Travis Latrine of Sad Girlz Club and lastly, Josh Goldman of The Raging Nathans and Rad Girlfriend Records all hyperspaced in for this episode with their respective tales of mysterious objects in the sky. Spencer from Discount Cemetery even stops by to talk about a little UFO history and lore! Music by Teenage Bottlerocket and Creepozoid. Presented by our fiendish friends at Discount Cemetery.