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Ben is down on his luck, and his friends invite him to Mardi Gras to improve his mood. When the scores of beautiful women, the gallons of booze, and the charm of New Orleans aren’t enough to make him forget about his ex, he decides to go and check out a tour of the surrounding swamps (?) His friend Marcus joins him reluctantly, and they, along with an assortment of weird characters, ride a bus to a a secluded location. What most of them are not aware of is that the swamp they are headed to is not safe. Someone lurks around the area, making sure to keep trespassers away. Marybeth, one of the passengers, tells the others about the legend of Victor Crowley, and when he makes his appearance, they will have to fight for survival …

Join us as we discuss this campy 2000s film! In what has now become our style, we jump between discussing scenes from the movie and things that the film reminded us. Among the topics we cover are Chuy’s misadventures in New Orleans, the film’s obvious similarities to the Friday The 13th franchise, and our favorite death scenes!

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