Uncle Monster’s Spooky Time Fright Hour

Hosted ByChris Andersen and Ethan Sarezky

Hey Everyone! Join lifelong friends Chris "Shibble" Andersen and Ethan Sarezky on their hilarious podcast quest to uncover everything you ever wanted to know about supernatural phenomenon from around the world.

What's the origin of the Snallygaster? Could Prime Shaquille O'Neal defeat Spring-Heeled Jack? Does the Mothman do the nasty? There's only one way to find out... tune in! Each week, one of us will research something that goes bump in the night and the other goes in totally blind- ready to ask all the questions that you guys want answered.

Tune in for all the frightening fun, but remember: Don't Get Spooked! New episodes every other Friday, uploaded at the witching hour...

Episode 103: Hey Baby, You Wanna Get With A Real (Moth) Man?

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Is he a harbinger of impending doom, an experimental jetpack pilot, or just a big ol’ bird? One thing is for sure, the dude is in great shape! Join Chris and Ethan as they delve into the legend of the Mothman and determine whether or not he is, in essence, a flying Shaq.