Episode 103: Ariel School Aliens aka The Ruwa UFO Incident

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Welcome to Episode 103 of Let’s Get Haunted! This week, Aly covers the story of the Ariel School Aliens, also known as The Ruwa UFO incident. On September 16, 1994 in the rural town of Ruwa, Zimbabwe (just outside the populous capital city of Harare), over 60 schoolchildren attending a prestigious private elementary school became unwitting witnesses to a supernatural phenomenon. What followed would involve an international investigation with researchers from around the world – including one from the famous Harvard University in the U.S. Did the children really have an encounter of the third kind? Or was it something as simple as the implantation of a false memory by an overeager academic? Dive into this week’s haunting and let us know YOUR thoughts by commenting on the instagram photo dump for this week’s episode.

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