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No Small Children, the band, the myth, the legend. I first heard No Small Children while looking for a cover of the “Ghostbusters” theme song for a recent episode. The NSC version of the song hit me like a crossed beam hit the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man. I mean WOW. This band, No Small Children, they are amazing. Three teachers, two of them sisters, a blistering combo of women who simply define the words Rock And Roll. This episode is an interview with No Small Children, plus four of their incredible songs. One of the songs in the episode was writtien for the kids! I think gold stars are in order for the teachers, in this case. Also featured in this episode is a review of the horror film “The Tattooist” by Carolyn Mauricette. Carolyn is the co-host of the Reely Melanted podcast, one of the main foces behind the “Blood In The Snow” film festival, a Rotten Tomatoes apporved film critic, the creator of the “View From The Dark” blog and website and more! Don’t be tardy for this episode, I wouldn’t want you to get detention!