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Christine was inadvertently chosen by The Devil as the woman with whom he shall create his unholy spawn, The Antichrist. The catch is, The Devil has to find her before the millennium ends, otherwise, his plan will be foiled. Enter Jericho Cane, a disgraced police officer who lost his wife and daughter some time ago. Arming himself with an arsenal bigger than that of most small countries, he decides to protect Christine from the destiny that was thrust upon her. Will he be able to stop the Devil with the power of love/machine guns/grenade launchers, or will Satan get his way?

In the first segment, Chuy briefly goes over the technical/behind the scenes stuff of the movie, such as its budget and cast. For the second part of the episode, Mariah jumps in, and the topics we covered include life in the time of the end of the world/millennium, how crappy this movie is, existential diatribes, etc. 🙂

Join us as we celebrate our 100th Episode! We are thrilled to have made it this far, and we want to thank everyone who has supported and been a guest on our little old show! We hope that you continue to enjoy our content. Here’s to 100 more episodes of EMBL! 😀

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