Episode 1: Paranormal Investigators (feat. Tom Rittenhouse, Ed Morgan, Ruben Medina)

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While TV is rife with paranormal investigation shows, the Food Network’s Boo Crew remains at the forefront of innovation and courageousness. On this episode of The Extramundane, Max talks with ghost hunting team, The Boo Brew. Max talks to the crew about animal hauntings, ghost murders, and the audacious, some might say reckless, plans for their next season.


The Boo Crew – Tom Rittenhouse, Ed Morgan, Rueben Medina

(Atlanta’s Dad’s Garage, You’re Welcome Hollywood podcast, and http://www.edtomandrueben.com/)

Max Ward – Dan Kozuh

Voiceover Guy – Erin Kahoa

Producer: Andrew Alonso, Champlify Media (or however you want)

Music: M.NOMIZED – The Model