Ghost Freak’n Talk’n

Hosted ByNick, Trent, and Newsroom Nessie

(Explicit) We are a fun spin on paranormal talk, everything from ghosts, cryptids, to aliens nothing is off limits. The crew is made up of three totally different personalities.... Nick, Trent, and Newsroom Nessie make up the team. We are paranormal investigators as well and our show is also available on YouTube in visual form.

Episode 063: Wolf Hollow Live: Tinker Swiss Cottage and More Haunted Rockford with Kathi Kresol and Sara B

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On our second session live at Wolf Hollow we talk to Sam from Tinker Swiss Cottage, the haunted and historic home here in Rockford IL. We also continue to talk everything spooky Rockford with Kati Kresol and Sara B and even get a little cryptid talk mixed in as well.