Marvels, Mysteries & Midlanders

Hosted ByJames Alexander, Adam Dalley & Lewis Carter

(Explicit) Welcome to the Marvels, Mysteries and Midlanders podcast! Join James, Adam and Lewis as they talk about anything mysterious, macabre, folklore and the just plain weird. Who is the Catman? What are Sky Trumpets? How do we fix Lewis’ memory skills? Take a seat, enjoy the banter and join the discussion!

Episode 06 – Nan Carey & Other Tales

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Is it release day already? Right….ummmm…. I'm sure we can throw something together for you. Here we go… This week we take one last trip to Basildon to uncover a few more of it's smaller tales. It's got witchy women, pranks, our deepest fears and more! Then! Lewis throws us into the Big house to learn one of it's little known job roles…

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