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Today we find a body-less head a few days before Halloween, investigate the horror of human and cattle mutilations, and then take a whiff of the smelliest chemical ever!

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On October 27th, two people walk into an Oakland Police station and tell the cops they found something: a human head. The officers think it’s a joke, but it’s too early for Trick or Treat!

Then we look into the idea that cattle mutilations aren’t limited to the bovine family. Is it possible that humans are being abducted and their lifeless corpses being thrown back to the Earth?

And finally, the world’s smelliest chemical has such a terrible smell it can make people faint or throw up on the spot. What is it, and more importantly, where can I buy it?


California police thought the severed human head was a Halloween prank. It wasn’t


Case of USAF Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette


Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Human Mutilations and Strange Deaths


Human Cattle Mutilation: The Grim And Chilling Claims


The most truly bizarre unexplained murder case in human history-Brazil 1994.


Brazilian Human Mutilation by Aliens


Cattle Mutilation


Things I Won’t Work With: Thioacetone


The Dangerous Stink of the World’s Smelliest Chemical


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