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In this episode, we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing John Edmonds, the owner of Stardust Ranch in Arizona.  We spent an hour talking to him about all the events that have happened to him and his wife since they purchased the ranch. We spend time trying to understand why this is happening and what it is all leading too, so if you think that you have heard all there is to hear about it, you haven’t.
We talk to him about alien races living on Earth and the bigger meaning to what they want from us, plus we also talk to him about men in black, unmarked police visits, conversations with alien races and celebrity aliens.
To date, this has been our most insane interview and even though he is controversial in the UFO community, there is no doubt that John has had, and continues to have, some phenomenal experiences. Ghost adventures have done a special from the ranch and having spent years discussing the events that have happened, John provides an honest and straight forward account that is very hard to doubt.
John’s website is – https://alienranch.weebly.com/

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