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For the next few weeks I will be doing a Throwback Tuesdays/Thursdays where I re-release old episodes from the archives. So don’t worry if you have heard it already as a ‘New episodes’ will continue to come out on Sundays. The idea is to get some of the old episodes heard as they have very little downloads from the first few seasons, compared to newer episodes.


We start off this episode with Douglas’s voice submission from Victoria in Australia, his sighting occurred in 1972 witnessed by himself and two other members of his family. Then the first of two guests is Barny from Dublin in Ireland, sharing a sighting his late Father had in 1969 of a massive ball of light pulsing different colours. And then we are joined finally by Mike from Washington State in the US, with an unusual encounter with a dumbbell-shaped UFO, witnessed by himself and his Wife in 2013.

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