Ep.72 Something In The Air (Throwback Tuesdays)

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For the next few weeks I will be doing a Throwback Tuesdays/Thursdays where I re-release old episodes from the archives. So don’t worry if you have heard it already as a ‘New episodes’ will continue to come out on Sundays. The idea is to get some of the old episodes heard as they have very little downloads from the first season, compared to newer episodes.


Our first guest is Kellie from the state of Georgia, with a sighting of a very large triangle-shaped object that passed over her car and that left her wondering if there is a connection with the paranormal activity in her house that followed his sighting. Then we move on to Richard from Dublin Ireland, his experiences occurred in Italy where he was living at the time. And it was a series of encounters that happened over a period of two weeks, near and around a mountain called ‘Monte Morello’ known for it’s UFO’ activity. And an unusual sighting of a USO on a Pisa Beach.

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