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Today we explore the hidden Biringan City, then discuss one of the oddest conspiracies I have personally experienced . . .

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Biringan City is a legend that has lasted for generations. A city that is only visible when it wants to be and is populated by shapeshifters. Is this a real phenomenon and if it is, how many others exist on this planet?

Then we travel back to 2011. A deadly comet, a mass shooting, and an obscure website all combine to form a mystery that I still can’t solve to this day.


BIRINGAN CITY, Philippines | Invisible City | Engkanto


Mythical Biringan City – Invisible Portal To Another World Where Dangerous Engkantos Reside


Biringan city


Biringan City: The Only Known Supernatural Metropolis in the World is in Samar


Buliding 7 South Side Fires


WTC7 full uncut collapse video 9/11


9/11: Caught on Tape: WTC Building 7 Damaged by Debris from Twin Towers Collapse (Updated) (WTC 7)


2011 Norway Attacks


Elenin: The Ex-Comet


Disappearance of Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin): Gone with a Whimper, not a Bang


‘Doomsday’ Comet Elenin Zips by Earth in Pieces


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