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EP 51: Crazy Cryptid Week: Mongolian Death Worm

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Today we visit the Gobi Desert in search of the Mongolian Death Worm, then take a trip to the freezing cold waters where the Titanic sunk and enjoy a screening of a Nazi version of that infamous incident.


The Mongolian Death Worm is a creature of legend but many believes it still stalks the Gobi Desert today. Is it possible that an acid spitting, ground electrifying, massive worm is evading human capture only feet underground?


Then we get a private viewing of “Titanic.” No, not the one with Leonardo DiCaprio but one made by the Nazis as a propaganda film during the height of World War 2. But just like the ship it was based on, the movie was doomed from the start.




Mongolian Death Worm


Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 13 Death Worm


Finding the Legendary Mongolian Death Worm


Mongolian Death Worm: Elusive Legend of the Gobi Desert


Titanic (1943 Film)


The Strange Sinking Of The Nazi Titanic


Nazi Titanic: The Horrific True Story of the Nazis’ $180 Million Propaganda Film


George Gallo At Helm Of ‘The Nazi Titanic’, Making Of Hitler & Joseph Goebbels’ Propaganda Ship Sink Disaster Epic


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