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(Explicit) Meet Jessie & Erica, your hosts with the ghosts- two semi-competent paranormal researchers- diving into history, legends, theories, conspiracies and more. Once a week, we dissect various topics and speculate wildly, typically giving you more questions than answers.

Ep. 5- The Para-Nerds Holiday Special

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CONTENT WARNING: Para-Nerds Podcast is a spooky, gross, fun, but also extremely graphic podcast for adults.
Topics may include (but are not limited to): child endangerment, sex, violence, and other bodily functions.

Jessie and Erica want to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday season with some stories from Christmas past, Krampus lore, the legend of the Mistletoe Bride, and an eyewitness account of The Yule Man.
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