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In this episode, we welcome back our first ever guest, Fiona Horne, to talk about her new book TEEN MAGICK. Fiona gives us the inside scoop on the process of rewriting this classic book from 2000 (originally published under the name Life’s A Witch! A Handbook for Teen Witches) and then we discuss the developments of Witchcraft from the early 2000s to today, and what that means for the younger generation of Witches.

TEEN MAGICK (Rockpool Publishing – February 2021) is a witchcraft guide for a new generation and offers insight and guidance for teen witches as they navigate this new and ever-changing world dominated by social media and technology. This gutsy guide takes teen witches on a journey of self-discovery – to dig deep and learn about all the magick that is inside of them, and then shine that magick into the world.

“The brave Teen Witch questions everything,.. which is how they become magikal in the first place. (Teens).. are poised to make the most positive and far-reaching change in the way humans exist on the planet, and in the history of our species” – Fiona Horne – Teen Magick.

To order your copy, head to www.fionahorne.com

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