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In 1985, U.K. tabloid The Sun started a frenzy of fear when they published a series of articles about a cursed mass-produced painting – dubbed “The Crying Boy” – that had been found at the sites of dozens of house fires. In each of these instances, the story was the same: families had purchased the painting, displayed it, their home had gone up in flames, and the painting itself mysteriously remained unscathed, even if the entire house around it was gutted. That was enough for The Sun…the “Crying Boy Curse” was born.

But WHY was this painting supposedly cursed? Who was the artist behind it? Was it painted with malicious intent? And why in the WORLD would so many Europeans want to proudly display the image of a weeping toddler on their wall??

We try to find some answers to this very strange mystery…and perhaps find even more questions.


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