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Oh man…the trigger warnings are plentiful with this one. Join Bee and Tanya Lee while they reminisce on their first ever mix CD (if you’re too young to know what a mixtape or CD is…please…don’t make us feel old). Bee dives deep into her worst topic yet. Perhaps the man Armie Hammer would call a hero….others would call the devil incarnate. Tanya Lee’s story makes you question again, is it demonic possession or can it be explained? What we know for sure is we have our new mantra. MONEY MONEY SIN MISERY!! Learn some old victorian slang and sing along on our most musical episode yet! You didn’t ask for it! But we did it anyway.

Finally, forgive Bee for being a terrible little sister and forgetting to promote her own brother when he was on the show last week. Find him on IG and TikTok at Wildspaceoutpost for all your Star Wars needs. 

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