Ep 29 – Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson – Reincarnation, Aliens, Spirit guides, a higher power, Jesus and the end of days

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In this episode we talk to Daniel Jackson. Daniel is a spirit medium who has spirit guides including Jesus, Lucifer and Angels. We discuss how things started for him, how his life changed and how his journey has become important for helping people to reincarnate, move on to a higher place and what someone’s life purpose is.

We also find out how many previous lives Greg has had and we also find out when the end of days is. The episode wouldnt be one of ours if we didnt discuss the link between the spriti world and the alien/UFO world and we find out Daniels thoughts on how everything in this universe (and all universes) is completely linked. We also talk about how we are being monitored by alien races and how we are not descended from apes.

This is a highly fascinating episode that is again a new subject to us but one where we find out that the last couple of podcasts seem linked by completely random people, with no communicated link between them.

Visit Daniels website at – https://spiritmediumdaniel.com and his podcast www.beyond-the-veil.com

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