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Ep. 185 – MNMD X – XMAS Special!

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Thank you for listening to another episode of DWP!

Welcome to the Christmas Special of the Monday Night MasterDebaters. I was joined by Janet from Deplorable Nation, Ryan from Dangerous World Pod, Niko from Upstate Unconventional Pod, Konspiracy Kyle from Conspiracy in the Force Pod, and Kyle from The Big Dumb Podcast. This was a fun one, we start out discussing Konspiracy Kyle’s new book Intergalactic Totalitarianism (link below). Then things shift towards Kamala on Charlemagne, Myocarditis & strokes, and the cringe worthy song from the NIH Director on the pandemic.

We then shift gears to the Christmas theme, touching on our Christmas Traditions, Santa & Krampus, Elf on the Shelf /Mench on the Bench, Favorite & least favorite Christmas movies, and some of the worst Christmas gifts we received. A really fun episode, I hope you all enjoy!

I want to wish everyone a safe, happy, & Marry Christmas from the bottom of my heart to you all!!!

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