Ep. 180 – Brucellosis: Nazi Bio-Weapon Origin & Australian Tyranny with Aussie Nick!

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Brucella is an ancient bacteria that is the cause of brucellosis, a zoonosis commonly transferee to a host through contaminated milk or animal products. But something far less known about Brucellosis is that the Nazis weaponized a synthetic version and more than likely brought their research to the US under Paperclip.

Is this the cause of covid? We have heard all kinds of theories even from the MSM and nothing explains its origin definitively. In this episode, Ryan throws a theory around from Jim Marrs’ book “the Trillion Dollar Conspiracy,” claiming this weapon could be the reason for most of not all human ailments. We take it a step further and acknowledge the possibility that the Rona or jabs could be a lethal strain of the 200+ known strains.

Nick from Australia comes on and talks about the total power grab going on in his great country and we learn quite a bit about what the possible fate of other areas could be.

In the patreon, Garth and Nancy Nicolson, centers where bio warfare ops were undoubtedly being perused, the Merck families ties to the Nazis and American bio weapons and much more!

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