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Today we take a whiff of Terror Sweat! And then we crane our necks upwards and look to the sky as we try to spot the Man-Bat.


Scientists in the Netherlands recently tested whether human sweat could leave traces of emotions. Could this, in a weird way, be the way that mediums detect a house is haunted?


And then we travel to Lake Michigan, where sightings of a giant man-bat are popping up with startling regularity! What is this creature?





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Can Humans Sense Good And Bad Energy From A Place Or Other People?

Can Humans Sense Good And Bad Energy From A Place Or Other People?


A Sniff of Happiness: Chemicals in Sweat May Convey Positive Emotion



Indiana Man Reports Abduction by ‘Tall, Winged Humanoid’ from 1969



There’s been a record number of flying humanoid sightings over Chicago this year



A Timeline of the Lake Michigan Mothman Sightings So Far



Local Artist Illustrates Flying Humanoid Flap in Chicago




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