Ep 125: UFO Over New Mexico and Other Full Moon Melodramas!

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John and Stacey are back with some crazy news and stories! And John gives us part 2 of his Strange and Bizarre Events. Stories include an amazing UFO sighting, sounds and news from Mars, treasure, a cursed painting, a haunted wardrobe, and much more!

John’s Strange and Bizarre Events, Vol 2 10:53


American Airlines not denying UFO sighting 41:05

NASA rover beams back first sounds from Mars 53:13

NASA leaves hidden message on rover parachute 56:43

Evidence that Mars once had atmosphere with less oxygen 1:16:06

Scientists have grown microbes on rock bits from Mars 1:18:06

True age of the Jars of Laos discovered 1:20:18

Viking artefacts found on the Isle of Man are declared treasure 1:25:01

Internet occultists make ‘Sigil Engine’ 1:30:52

1,800 year old sarcophagi rediscovered in Israel 1:36:23

Woman terrorised by ‘haunted’ painting 1:40:05

Mum haunted by wardrobe she bought from ‘strange folk’ 1:48:40

Psychic snaps ghostly figure in window of Lennox Castle 1:54:07

Ranch next to Area 51 for sale 2:03:16

Buffalo Bill’s house from ‘Silence of the Lambs’ becoming a bed and breakfast 2:08:30