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On this episode of the sideshow, John covers the symbols, legends, and hidden meanings of Valentine’s Day. And, as always, a ton of great news. Stories include life possibly began on Mars, the missing tourists in Dyatlov Pass, a poltergeist story, haunting ghost stories, a guitar made from a skeleton and much, much more! 

Intro music “Sanity Unravels” Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


John’s list – Symbols, Legends, & Hidden Meanings of Valentine’s Day 30:18


Chinese Spacecraft Enters Mars Orbit 1:02:55

Some Scientists Believe Life Began on Mars 1:08:16

Potentially Habitable Planet Around Alpha Centauri 1:16:30

Largest Known Asteroid to Fly Past Earth in March 1:20:50

Dyatlov Pass Tourists Go Missing 1:23:47

BBC Radio Drama – “The Battersea Poltergeist” 1:27:15

Idaho Newscaster has Paranormal Experience 1:34:48

Rascal Flatts Drummer Sparks Online Paranormal Debate 1:37:22

Post Malone Addresses Being Cursed by Dybbuk Box 1:39:30

British Marilyn Monroe Look-Alike Claims House Haunted by Ghost of Marilyn Monroe 1:42:18

Tesla Autopilot Sees “Ghosts” in Cemetery 1:48:11

Ancient Graves Discovered at Stonehenge 1:52:26

Trove of 650 Silver Coins Found in Turkey 1:55:41

New Paranormal Attraction Opens in WV 1:59:26

Space Rocks Up for Auction 2:02:34

Arkansas Man Pleads Guilty to Putting Dead Animals on Neighbor’s Grave 2:05:48

Man Built a Guitar From Uncle’s Skeleton 2:09:11